1996 to 2000 Honda Civic AMR Engineering Front Camber Kit


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So after years sending our clients to other companies for their alignment needs only for them to come back disappointed we took it upon ourselves to build a camber kit with quality parts, and easy adjustability. We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but provide our clients with parts they know would produce them both the results they needed as well as the reliability, and peace of mind that they want. So after quite sometime getting these fitted, and working with suppliers this is the solution we came up with.

These are made and built in small batches. This isn’t your average camber kit where we called someone up, and said hey…this is how many we want, in this color. No these are hand assembled in our facility just like our custom coilover systems to guarantee that our clients get an end product that will deliver.

First off we wanted to use a quality ball joint, with a boot that will last, and not crack after a short period of time. So of course we went with NOK ball joint seals for that oem quality, and reliability. The bushings we press are provided from Prothane, a company that has been in the bushing business for decades. The bushings are covered by their lifetime warranty! We then designed a top plate, and machined it out of stainless steel which would allow our clients to easily adjust their camber kit from the bottom. Once that was finished we then topped it off with hardware which we had custom made to our specifications. Our bolt supplier came up with some nice stainless steel hardware as we wanted to provide quality, corrosion resistant parts with this kit. For you dedicated racers we have a hardened Grade 8 bolt we will include standard.

So once you combine all that with our service you have a camber kit that will not only deliver, but provide our clients peace of mind. We will also stock replacement ball joints, and any other parts needed for repair if any problems arise.

Again these are made, and built in small batches, and take about 2-3 weeks for delivery unless we are very busy!

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 11 × 9 in


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