We would like to first thank you for purchasing AMR Engineering Suspension products. Included with your purchase is our limited lifetime warranty that covers our custom coilover systems. All other suspension products are covered by our standard 1 year warranty, unless other wise noted. AMR warrants our suspension products only to the original purchaser who has a car registered for street use only and is driven under normal operating conditions. If you are not the original purchaser, and have any issues please do not hesitate to still contact us. Simply e-mail us at warranty@amrengineering.com with any questions you may have. We will do our best to accommodate any problems you may have even if it may not be covered under our warranty. Our warranty covers defects with both craftsmanship as well as defects in material, again to the original purchaser. AMR Engineering does not warranty damage to products caused by improper installation, heating of the dampers, motorsports, misuse, etc.

Some items not covered under warranty when used under normal driving conditions
• Bolts
• Washers
• Bump Stops
• Upper and Lower mounting bushings
• Spherical Bearings
• Lower Mounts

Motorsports: Customers who have purchased coilovers made for racing automatically are enrolled in our warranty racing program. We have an awesome program for our racers and weekend warriors. If you plan on racing or any type of motorsports with our coilovers please contact us so we can enroll you in our RW program. This includes discounts on future upgrades, servicing, springs, and other products from AMR. warranty@amrengineering.com

If at anytime your AMR Engineering suspension product fails please contact us directly. The original purchaser will be provided with the proper forms as well as a list of items we will need to properly process your warranty claim. These items include your original receipt, a copy of your vehicles registration, and payment information for any shipping charges or items not covered under warranty. When the item has been received by AMR, the product will be inspected to see if the failure is covered under warranty. No work will be done until the original purchaser is contacted with the results of the inspection. If covered under warranty the product will be replaced or rebuilt free of charge. The item will then be shipped and shipping charges billed to the original purchaser.

A note from the AMR Group:
This warranty was put into place to show that we stand behind our products. But at the same time this warranty sheet was put together to protect us as a business from those who would want to take advantage of such a warranty. We want our customers to not only enjoy our products, but to have full confidence in them. We are just like you, just a group of guys that are into our cars and just love this sport. With that said, if you have any problems please contact us. Even if you’re not the original purchaser or if you feel your product is not covered under warranty. Just contact us and we will see what we can do to help you out. Remember if you don’t let us know what’s going on then we can’t help you.

AMR Engineering