New Way, New Website!

Welcome to our new website! With another big year behind us we have had to find a better way of doing things, and become even more efficient. With the increased amount of clients meant more delays due to our increased workloads. The amount of our business doubled so at the end of last year it was time again for a re-evaluation. Hiring more people was simply not the solution. We decided to upgrade the website once again since the database crashed. The website caused us quite a few problems over 2013 so it was time for another over haul. The database was over a decade old so we started from scratch. Even last years early upgrade taught us a lot of our current foundation, and what needed improving. The site now features all our products, services, tracking information, order updates, and orders are now placed right on our site. We’ve eliminated many steps in our systems to help us become more efficient and help provide our clients better service. Thanks for your support, and we hope to continue to improve, and offer the quality products we are known for!

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