Started in late 2005, AMR Engineering started its mission to working towards a goal of providing the most reliable dampers in the world one client at a time. In 10 years we have provided thousands of dampers to clients all over the world. We’ve built coilovers for clients in Greece, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, India, New Zealand, and ofcourse the USA just to name a few. We specialize in building custom coilover systems for anyone upgrading OEM dampers. Custom camber and caster plates are also available, as well as cnc, and design services. Whatever your needs may be, we can provide a damping solution for you.


Building dampers to meet the needs of our clients while providing it at a reasonable cost with proven reliability and an outstanding warranty to back it up!! We want to give you the peace of mind you need, and have had a lifetime warranty on our dampers since day 1. Our confidence has been present from the start, and with 10 years now behind us our confidence continues to grow.


We build suspension products for passenger cars, and trucks. We take great pride in the quality of machining that we offer, and provide high quality products with proven performance and durability. In the past 10 years we have been providing and building dampers for our clients we have yet to receive a blown production damper for warranty. Yes 10 years!! We have proven reliability, and if your looking for any sort of peace of mind..look no further! On top of that we have a lifetime warranty to back up our already outstanding product. We build coilovers for Rally X, Auto X, Rally, Time Attack, and more. Visit our website for a list of chassis we currently offer to the public. If you do not happen to see your vehicle listed please contact us and let us know what chassis you would like coilovers built for. We do not have all the chassis we have built dampers for listed on our site so please do not hesistate to ask! If for some reason we have not developed a coilover system for your car already then no sweat!! We specialize in custom coilover we can easily develop them!!! We simply list the most popular chassis our clients come to us for…but that is not all the chassis we have made dampers for!! If you require camber or caster plates we can design, and manufacture them for you. Thanks for all the support!